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Eyebrow and Eyelash


Eyebrow Waxing (Trimmed and shaped)                           $12

Eyebrow Waxing + Tinting* AKA "Combo"                      $20

Eyelash Tinting ONLY (contacts & makeup must be removed)        $15

Eyebrow Tinting ONLY (contacts & makeup must be removed)       $12

Upper Lip Wax                                                                             $8

Chin Wax                                                                                       $8


"All about the Eyes"

Eyebrow Waxing, Eyebrow Tinting

 and Eyelash Tinting


(save $5!)


Eyelash Boosting

Use a eyelash curler (you know that torture device in your drawer?) Eyelash Boosting curls your lashes for up to 8 weeks! Much healthier for your lashes and opens up the eyes.



Eyelash Boost and Eyelash Tinting

You get the eyelash lifting and dark black color from root to tip on your lashes. No more running mascara or curling lashes. Just get up and go!


*Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting is done with NATURAL plant root coloring, otherwise known as Henna. The results of Henna color will be different person to person.  The color can last on eyebrows/eyelashes up to 4 weeks! 

Depending on exposure to sunlight,  swimming in chlorinated pools, salt water, using oils on the skin, using products containing lighteners, etc. There are no guarantees on color and longevity of products on skin. With that being said, I do think with proper expectations and a consult you will LOVE the results! I know many people who do ; )

Eyebrow Waxing/Shaping


Both Eyebrows have been Tinted,

Left Eyebrow has been Tinted and Shaped

Left eyebrow has been waxed and shaped

*Please note: Waxing, Tinting and Boosting services can be compromised if using certain medications (ex. steriods, acne medication or lotions, Accutane, antibotics, etc) or have certain skin conditions. A short form and consult will be done prior to services and you may NOT be a candidate for the treatment. Your safety ( and mine) is my UTMOST concern.